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A bigger bite of the Apple?

Net Promoter Score

In a world where time is increasingly of the essence, an ability to resolve problems quickly can help a business grow while time delays to resolve an issue can mean loss of clients. With payroll departments becoming increasingly busy over the last few years, particularly with Auto Enrolment, the ability to contact support desks for speedy resolutions to problems is paramount – there is no opportunity to be late with payments!

At Star we have been proactive in improving our support facilities so that we can help our clients resolve their problems promptly, with:

  • More on-line training courses
  • More training webinars
  • Recruitment of more support staff
  • Increased training of support staff

In July this year we carried out our fourth biannual survey of our support team and are delighted with the results!

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been improving year on year, and is now a staggering 68%.  Compare this to the likes of Microsoft (45%), Amazon (55.1%) and Apple (62.4%) (Source and you can see why we are so happy!

Comments such as:

“Since using Star I have never had a problem in getting support and an answer to a problem.  I also like the fact that you know the team and it not just a member of support at the end of the phone.  They are also interested in anything we have picked up and it shows they are interested in their own product.”

“I think the service provided by the support team is excellent and they are always great at helping us to resolve any issues we have.”

“The customer service, the friendliness and the overall help and support is brilliant. Queries are dealt with in a timely manner and all advisors seem to have extensive knowledge of the system.”

Make us all feel happy and valued!

Of course, we know there are areas where we can still improve and we are not going to sit back on our laurels.  We look at all the comments (good and bad), and take on board suggestions made in the survey and via other feedback on a day-to-day basis – our hugely successful conferences in June were as a result of comments given previously.

With a 40% client response rate, we believe the results are a true reflection of opinions. So, to everyone who completed our survey, a very hearty THANK YOU. Our next survey will be out at the beginning of 2018, so here’s hoping our success story will continue to improve!

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a recognised scoring system, based on the question “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?”

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“It's the best payroll system I've come across and I love your personal approach - I feel like a valued client.”

Sarah Withers, Auto-enrolment bureau

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