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Imagine this …..

Imagine undertaking a project that never ever ends! If you are a Partner, Director or Manager in a firm of accountants this probably sounds pretty risky….

Imagine a project worth hundreds of thousands of pounds which is constantly evolving with unforeseen changes over time; a project made up of hundreds of different components and variations; a project with multiple deadlines, every one of them of vital importance and many of them carrying significant financial penalties for being missed; and a project involving multiple professionals, some in your control, others not.

This is, quite obviously, a project which would demand a high quality, well-structured management system, one you could rely on to deliver successful outcomes and the reassurance of accurate control over deadlines.

What is this project, you might ask?

This project is undertaken by most firm of accountants and it is the job of delivering a bureau payroll service. It is unlike all other projects which accountants provide due to its never ending nature; most other tasks which accountants perform are finite with a known beginning and end. But payroll just keeps happening, week after week, month after month and year after year.
So would you manage that process on a spreadsheet and a piece of paper? Or would you implement a tool which was specially designed by payroll professionals, one built on the solid foundations of a SQL database and one which ‘understands’ the complexities and subtle nuances of payroll processing?

Putting it another way, do you advise your clients to deploy inferior or substandard technology to help their business to succeed? No you obviously don’t! So why risk your payroll business and your clients invaluable trust by doing it all in Excel or on pieces of paper? Star Payroll Bureau Management System is relied on by firms large and small to help manage their payroll services, these are bureaux handling between a hundred payrolls and over six thousand. Every day, every week, every year.

Barry Matthews

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“It's the best payroll system I've come across and I love your personal approach - I feel like a valued client.”

Sarah Withers, Auto-enrolment bureau

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